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Following on from the success of Interconnect (see below) we were thrilled to host an additional 'free' online event with Gary Bertwistle  live from Sydney, Australia on the 14th July 

"The Pandemic Stole my MOJO...what do I do now?"

As we return to the workplace this event was an amazing chance to explore how we THINK DIFFERENTLY and keep our MOJO to thrive in the new world!

What did I miss?

  • How to reset and realign after the pandemic
  • Essential mindset fundamentals to we can make to embrace the daily changes to life
  • Tangible steps to fuel your personal and company recovery in response to the impact of the virus
  • Tips and tools to help you find your personal mojo when challenges impact our world.

About Gary...

Gary’s greatest pleasure is having people and organisations think differently, and to see them conceptualise and develop their next great idea. As a thought leader in innovation and creativity, Gary has helped people in companies of all sizes, in all industries and categories, look at how they currently do things and address what needs to change in order for them to think differently and to maximise the ideas that exist within the business - all with the view to making both the company, and the individuals within that company, more successful.

Through easy to understand, relaxed, and interactive speeches he presents to a wide variety of clients in the areas of creative thinking, innovation, mojo, brand and strategic facilitation about how to perform at your best.

Gary Bertwistle - Royal Opera House



“Shaping stories for the future of work.”

Thank you so much for those of you who joined Interconnect! It was hosted in partnership with Simon Arrowsmith of Grow the People who facilitated the 2 hour session. It was attended by delegates from across the world who heard 10 speakers from 3 continents explore the future of work.

We have received some wonderful feedback...

Thanks Richard, Simon and all contributors. A thoroughly enjoyable and interesting two hours.

Hi Richard, I just wanted to write to make sure you have my feedback. Your event was exceptionally well done, highly professionally managed with an excellent easy start & login, brilliant mix of global speakers, relevant with regards to “black lives matter” and utterly brilliant. The break with the breathing exercise was so clever Thanks for the invite and enabling me to be a part of something so special and so big Thank you!

Thank you so much - was glued to the screen the whole time! best zoom ever. thanks to all who participated and shared their stories, truly inspiring! What a fantastic presentation, speakers without exception brilliant and thought provoking on a wide range of contemporary issues. As an educationalist I particularly like the discussion about learning for the future. excellent! Thank you Richard and all those who have contributed - a great success.

Richard/Simon, Great launch for Interconnect and your virtual events! Thank you for all your hard work, very thought provoking and hopefully, the start of a global connection for many people.



The way we’re working was already changing, but the global pandemic has forced practices to accelerate. We are currently experiencing a decade’s growth in the way we approach our lives. Technologies are moving fast to catch-up with demand. But what happens next?

What will we want to keep from this change in circumstances and what will we build upon to make the workplace of tomorrow a success?


  • You were challenged to think differently about a number of working practices and possible models for future success
  • You heard stories from a diverse set of voices and industries, helping us to take a broader view beyond our own sector bubbles
  • You received a set of tools you can put into action in your workplace now and in the future


Simon Arrowsmith - We are thrilled that Simon Arrowsmith is 'host' and partner for this event! Whilst Simon is based in London, he works for brands across the world including Nestle, SONY, Warner Bros and Kimberly Clark. His company, Grow the People, helps organisations develop their brands through  storytelling. Grow the People

Ping Fu - Now living in Los Angeles, Ping left China as Mao's 'Cultural Revolution’ came to an end. Arriving in America with $80 and 3 words of English - please, thank you and help; Ping is now one of America’s leading tech entrepreneurs and became special advisor to the Obama administration. Her book 'Bend, Not Break' was first published in 2013. 

Gary Bertwistle - Based in Sydney, Gary is one of Australia’s foremost ‘creative thinkers’ and business authors. He has spoken across the world on ‘new business thinking’. Gary has written several highly acclaimed books. Gary Bertwistle

Judy Goldberg  - In 2018 Judy moved back to her home of New York City following 11 years in the UK holding global positions with Discovery Channel and SONY Pictures Entertainment. She is now the founder of Wondershift LLC a leading consultancy specialising in Leadership Strategy and High Performing Teams. Wondershift LLC

Colleen Amos OBE - Awarded an OBE, Colleen is a member of the Windrush generation who turned her passion for education and tackling underachievement by founding the Amos Bursary. She has transformed the lives of countless young men to secure professional careers and by developing them into our country’s future leaders. The Amos Bursary

Ali Khan - Is a senior leader with a strong focus on innovation in multiprofessional learning. As a workforce race equality expert, Ali promotes Inclusion and Diversity which leads to more creative thinking and unlocks the true value of any organisation.

Helen Frewin - A Business Psychologist and founder of Totem Consulting, Helen is a specialist in Engagement, Communications and Developing staff to their full potential. Totem Consulting Ltd

Adam Schaub - Based in Stockholm, Adam is a leading light in Digital Gaming. He has 20 years experience and has worked for organisations such as BBC, Aol, Yahoo and King.

Eike Becker -  Based in Berlin, Eike is one of Europe’s leading architects with an international team of 55 staff from over 24 countries. His ethos has always been “building neighbourhoods, not buildings”. Eike Becker Architecture 

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Interconnect is our first foray into online events and we hope you enjoy the session!

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